Quest 2025 is an Australian-based non-profit incorporated association founded on 1 January 2001 by ecological economist, environmental scientist and futurist Richard Sanders. Trained as a transdisciplinary thinker, Richard has spent the past 20 years grappling with the problem of ecological sustainability and what it means for our society and economy.

Richard Sanders at Woodford Folk FestivalRichard Sanders at Woodford Folk Festival
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In recent years, the urgent problem of global warming with its associated damage to the ecosystems on which human life depends has given an extra impetus to Richard’s work with Quest 2025.

Quest 2025 is working to:
• raise awareness of what an ecologically sustainable future requires;
• identify the underlying causes of our current ecological problems; and
• motivate and inspire people to act together to ensure that nature’s life-support systems are maintained both now and for future generations.

There is an urgent need to create an ecologically sustainable society over the next two decades while there is still time. This is a daunting challenge but it is also an exciting opportunity.

Quest 2025 receives financial backing from private donors. We will not accept donations that compromise our independence.


Quest 2025 Management Committee

President – Gary Seaton

Gary Seaton is an arts graduate from the University of NSW majoring in economics and political science. Since graduating, Gary has been in the corporate world, heading up various corporations in Australia and overseas. From 1988 to 2004 he managed businesses predominately in agriculture throughout Asia, Africa, India and China. Group turnover of these companies exceeded $AUD 1 billion per annum.

Gary has always been involved in social and community projects. One of his main passions has been in education where he has worked to establish and support schools and orphanages in Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India and Indonesia.

Gary brings to the Quest 2025 management committee his extensive business knowledge, together with a demonstrated concern for our global community.

Vice-President and Quest 2025 Founder – Richard Sanders

Quest 2025 founder and Executive Officer Richard Sanders is an experienced environmental scientist and futurist. Trained as a transdisciplinary thinker at Griffith University in Brisbane, Richard has spent almost half of his 56 years grappling with the problem of sustainability as a university researcher and government advisor.

His deep understanding of the nature of the crises that humanity faces gives an urgency to Richard’s work as a catalyst for positive change leading to ecological sustainability.

Richard’s insights provide the knowledge platform for the activities of Quest 2025. Without him, the organisation would not exist.

Treasurer – Katherine Cooper

Katherine is a communications professional, and brings her experience and natural enthusiasm to the role of treasurer.

Secretary and Coordinator – Brian Feeney

Brian is an urban planner and strategist, and has a coordination role in the organisation.